Abbi Secraa – a pair of natural giant breasts covered with a netting cloth

Hello , Yes I am breasts obssesed man. There a lot of beutiful women with large breasts to write about, but I do not have time now.I can tell you about Abbi Secraa ( I am member to her site from the first days when I only read that she started her own site ) . I may share with you ( hopefully Abbi will not write to me to remove the pictures ! ).

Reading this at her site :  look at her nipples or If you compare Abbi Secraa huge breasts size to her waist and hips you should be convinced that you were looking for a long time for such natural difference between chest and down part of woman’s body I was very very excited to see her new photos. I was waiting for video ,but it has been postponed for a few days. On the other hand that is good as there will be three professional updates plus few amateurs pictures within the first month of Abbi Secraa webiste activity !!!!

See the pictures and be so much excited than I am now 🙂 !!!!

Abbi We love you . Peter

ps. in next messages I will try to find a time to write about other busty beauties but for now I am under huge impression of Abbi Secraa !!!

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Abbi Secraa says that her huge breasts are too heavy !!!!

Abbi Secraa said in the message to her memebers that she is forced to use bra everyday as size and weight of her breasts do not allow her to go public or spent time at home bra-less.

But good info from her : she respects her members needs and will try to make some photos in public without a bra !!! That is very good news for all big natural breasts lovers community !!!

Abbi Secraa’s fan with love Peter

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Shape Phenomenon – gorgeous tits of Abbi Secraa


It is confirmed that a very very busty photomodel  Nelli Roono has started her own site.

Her new pseudo is Abbi Secraa .

Her big natual breasts  called by many of you as the largest natural breasts in the world will be presented at the website :  You may now add this address to your favourite links for sure 🙂

Here is an example photo ( I think each large natural breasts lover should see the whole session which has been divided into two parts ). Now we may enjoy with the first part of white body session.


See at her beatiful face, legs too !!! Abbi Secraa is very voluptuous. Sha has large breasts and a soft curved body.

It is worth to point out : compare her brests size to the size of her head – the power of Abbi Secraa bust size is compelling !!!

We are waiting for next photos and videos !!!

Your admirer Peter

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